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We're passionate about helping dental clinic owners, by bringing in 30+ new patients every month! We use an effective, proven dental marketing system to drive high quality leads into your business, and utilise smart automations - to reduce the workload on your team!

What we do

We specialise in Dental Marketing ...

Our system brings in a steady stream of new patients. Every. Single. Month.

Let's talk numbers: 27 new patients for a new dental practice in Canberra; 69 new patients for an established practice in regional NSW; 20 new enquiries for a denture clinic.

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We also help...

Healthcare Practices
We create and manage marketing and advertising campaigns to bring in regular new business – within AHPRA guidelines

Course Creators
We optimise your client acquisition process (aka funnel) and reduce the cost of acquiring customers and increasing sales. 

Dental Marketing Solutions


You were right, I was wrong!

All too often a business's social media advertising can get stale and we only use what we know works. I will be the first to admit I was reluctant to listen to your recommendation, because in the past similar advertisements haven't worked, I WAS SO WRONG.

The way you conveyed the message to our audience has worked better than I can ever imagine! Thank you for all the hard work you have done to date (which has all been successful) but also thank you for encouraging us to try campaigns that we were hesitant about, you never pushed, you simply showed us why you are so good and your job, and as a result the reluctance simply disappeared.  THANKS CATE!

Lyndal Young Practice Manager, Integrated Dental Health

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Marketing for Dentists


Marketing Results

Integrated Dental Health (3 clinics)

Results :  27 to 69 new patients in first month

Type of Service : Lead Generation Campaign with smart automations to reduce impact on admin team

Client Goals : Increase new patient numbers and grow the practices

Results : 40 Enquiries in the first week of a new clinic with 10 new patients booked, 69 new patients in first month for established clinic, 20 new enquiries for dentures


Results : 10X return on ad spend

Type of Service : Growth Campaign

Client Goals : Promotion of unique physiotherapy package to increase revenue quickly

Results : 37 leads generated in 6 days, at $3.25 a lead, resulting in $1,4000 revenue


Results : 6X the number of leads for the same ad spend

Type of Service : Lead Generation

Client Goals : Bring in regular new patients for a brand new dental practice

Results : Six times the number of leads for the same ad spend, without reducing the quality of leads, 20-30 new patients a month into the practice

why we do it

We’ve been there

Our founder, Cate Scolnik, literally grew up in small business - her mother owned an antique shop and her father was a GP. Cate's earliest “professional” experience was answering the switchboard for her father’s medical practice.

Cate has been a Vision Partner with Clinic Mastery and provided live coaching and support on content marketing, social media and Facebook advertising.

She understands the challenges of growing and marketing a healthcare clinic within AHPRA guidelines and specialises in helping allied health practitioners grow their clinics.

Business Excellence


What they say

Fran Wilson

Leader Removals

We always ask people how they hear about us and since we started working with Cate we get a lot people saying they hear about us on Facebook. We’ve been working with Cate for over a year now and our results are snowballing.


Molonglo Dental

I don’t know what you did but the moment you took over our Facebook account we started getting results. Facebook ads, combined with our chatbot, brought in more than 20 new patients last month!

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We are on a mission to change the lives of clinic owners by helping them build better business with social media...

Find us here: Suite 897, 99 Mawson Place, Mawson ACT, Australia