Growth Solutions for Healthcare and Hospitality

We combine social media marketing and advertising to drive high quality leads into your business, and create messenger chatbots to reduce administrative overload


  • Healthcare Lead Generation
    We create and manage marketing and advertising campaigns to bring in regular new business – within AHPRA guidelines
  • Hospitality Lead Generation
    Marketing and advertising campaigns that grow your hospitality business on autopilot
  • Social Media Training
    We share the exact systems and processes we use to help you create social media success

brands that trust us


case studies

Evoker Premium Physiotherapy

Results : 10X return on ad spend
Type of Service : Growth Campaign

Client Goals : Promotion of unique physiotherapy package to increase revenue quickly

Results : 37 leads generated in 6 days, at $3.25 a lead, resulting in $1,4000 revenue


Results : 6X leads for the same ad spend
Type of Service : Growth campaign

Client Goals : Drive traffic to a booking page to bring in regular new patients for a brand new dental practice

Results : 6X the number of clicks through to the booking page for the same ad spend generating regular new patient bookings

American doughnut kitchen

Results : 3X content reach
Type of Service : Organic campaign

Client Goals : Increase reach and maximise potential of social media to grow the business

Results : 3X the content reach without advertising. The number of post shares increased 12% video views rose 171% and engaged users rose 12% in the first month, without any paid advertising

kitchen garden at rodneys

Results : 300X follower growth
Type of Service : Growth campaign

Client Goals : Increase reach and utilise social media to grow the business with a new Facebook page following rebrand

Results : 300X the number of page likes and 40,000% increase in reach in the first month, with less than $110 in ad spend. Content seen by over 15,000 people

best practice


Sane Social Media adheres to best practice social media strategies.

We use ethical strategies that do not endanger your reputation or your social media accounts.

We also practice CANI (Constant And Never-ending Improvement) so we’re always looking at how things can be done better or more effectively for our clients.

what people say...

Mohit Sharma

Molonglo Dental

I don’t know what you did but the moment you took over our Facebook account we started getting results. Facebook ads, combined with our chatbot, brought in more than 20 new patients last month!

Fran Wilson

Leader Removals

We always ask people how they hear about us and since we started working with Cate we get a lot people saying they hear about us on Facebook, or the reason they called was because of our Facebook page. We’ve been working with Cate for over a year now and our results are snowballing.

ARIANA Daglian

Business Owner and Social Media Specialist

Your work is extraordinarily good. What captivates me about your style is the innate understanding of the message that grabs the viewer's eyes, and gets them reading from sentence to sentence, 'till the end resolution. Cate, how am I going to thank you for this?? I've been trying to put words together for 3 years ... the fog just lifted.



Aim High. We under promise and over deliver. We exceed expectations in everything we do
Responsible. We take responsibility and are results focused. We are responsible for our own actions and behaviours.

Learn and Share. We develop ourselves, share our skills and knowledge, and learn from experience.

Stretch and Grow. We stretch our boundaries. We're creative. We do what's scary

Honest. We're honest, transparent, respectful and compassionate. 
Joy. We bring a sense of humour to what we do, we have fun, we create content that touches hearts.
Simplify. We leverage technology  to keep things as simple as possible.

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