January 10

How to Craft Killer Blog Content


How to Craft Killer Blog Content

If you want to know how to craft killer blog content, you need an expert. Cate has worked with some of the biggest bloggers on the planet, including Jon Morrow (of Smart Blogger).

After completing Jon's course, she was invited to become one of three editor instructors and help other people get onto big sites like Huffington Post. So she knows her stuff, and she's going to share it.

You also know Cate loves making things easy so we'll give you simple frameworks so you can start taking action immediately.

A great blog is a business asset. It can grow your audience, drive sales and create a strong bond with the people who read it, so this is a must-listen episode!

 You don’t want to miss:

  • How to Create an Enticing Headline that Captures Attention
  • Why The Writing Rules You Learned At School Aren't Applicable to Writing For The Web
  • How to Create 12 Months of Social Media Content For Every Blog Post, Without Lifting a Finger
  • How to Craft an Opening That Makes Yoru Audience Think You Can Read Their Mind
  • Simple Headline Hacks That Will Supercharge Your Content




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